Welcome to BIMUN!

Welcome to the official website of Beijing International Model United Nations (BIMUN) 2017 annual conference!

We are honored to announce that China Foreign Affairs University will host BIMUN 2017, one of the most glorious model UN conferences in China, with its longest history in the nation since 1995. BIMUN 2017 will be held with the overarching theme of “Pioneering and Creative Youth Leadership” on May 26th to 28th, 2017 on China Foreign Affairs University, Shahe Campus, Beijing.

As one of the premier model UN conferences gathering in China, BIMUN provides a unique platform for university and high school students to promote the understanding of international relations and global affairs. As the vanguard that first introduced model UN to China under the formerly names of Foreign Affairs College Model United Nations (FACMUN) and Beijing Model United Nations (BMUN), China Foreign Affairs University features a long and glorious model UN history. BIMUN marks the highest academic standards in China, and therefore is widely regarded as one of the three flagship conferences in China.